Roman Kirsch

Founder & CEO of Lesara

A few thoughts on Supply Chain & Managing our Asia business


Doing Good. An important guide in life.

As a business we have a lot of responsibility.

We have responsibility to cater to our employees & team members.

We have responsibility to serve our customers in the best possible way.

And we have responsibility for the partners & suppliers we work with.

Obviously we are also a business at the end of the day - but one of our core beliefs is that we can only be successful in the long-term if we make all of our stakeholders happy and better off in the process of building a business.

One of our first and most important decisions was to work directly with manufacturers and integrate them closely into our supply chain.

This has several advantages:

We are faster in bringing new products to the market.

We cut off middle man who increase costs.

And we have full transparency into the partners we work together with.

It matters to us who we work with. And that's why we have now close to 100 team members across 3 locations in Asia who work with our suppliers on a daily basis.

We invest in the factories, we kicked-off the Lesara Academy to share our standards and expectations and we use technology to make our suppliers more efficient and learn directly from customers. We emphasize open communication and feedback - as we believe that we can also learn a lot from how our partners do business.
These are just a few examples - and our partners love it. It helps them to get up to speed, have more ownership for what they do and see us as a partner that truly cares.


We are proud of the many new partners, achievements and friendships that resulted from this approach.

In order to promote transparency to our customers and business partners as well as to inspire other retail businesses, we created a video sharing our approach, featuring some of Our suppliers.

We hope that through transparency we can play a role in shaping and improving fashion retail globally.


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