Roman Kirsch

Founder & CEO of Lesara

Lesara building a €45m distribution center in Erfurt, Germany


Today is a very special day in the history of Lesara - for the first time we are announcing a significant investment,  building our own supply chain: Our team decided to invest more than €45m in developing a state-of-the-art European Distribution Center in Erfurt, Germany. The distribution center is being constructed now and will go live in August 2018.


As part of this investment we are looking to hire more than 200 talented team members in a first step until mid of 2018 with the potential to scale up to over 600 employees over the next years.


The construction of our own distribution center has been a big decision for us. We never would have expected to launch such an ambitious project so early in our company history, but are therefore even more proud and excited to take on this challenge shortly before the 4th anniversary of our founding.


There were 3 main factors that supported our decision of building this distribution center now, and in Erfurt specifically.


  1. Our growth & ambition:
    In the last few years we continued to exceed our own plans and ambitions. We have been awarded as the fastest growing tech company in Germany and Europe in 2016. We went from 0 to over 2m active customers, >300 employees and 24 countries. It was clear that we have reached with our value proposition a huge underserved market that continues to demand what we can offer best: In-demand, trending fashion at great prices. So the only reasonable decision was to continue being ambitious and invest into the future sooner than later!

  2. The focus on providing better delivery speed & quality:
    Making customers happy and building great experiences around our customer needs is one of our core beliefs. This also holds true for continuously improving our supply chain and delivery experience. With investments in technology, great employees and machinery, we are going to create one of the finest and innovative distribution centers, providing better experience for our customers all across Europe.

  3. Erfurt as a perfect hub:
    As an international fashion retail business serving customers across 24 countries in Europe, it was important to us to get it right from the very beginning. We wanted a location that has a great geographical proximity to a wide range of countries, that has experience as a hub for best-in-class logistics and supply chain practices and the right talent. We found all of the above and more in Erfurt and were welcomed big time by the local businesses and decision makers.

It is exciting for us to start a new chapter in the Lesara history with the setup of our own distribution center.


A big thank you to our operations team that has been working day and night to put the concept together and to all of our partners that have contributed and are continuing to execute alongside us.



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