Roman Kirsch

Founder & CEO of Lesara

What makes Fab so special

People keep asking me what I believe makes so special, so authentic & unique and so successful over the last 12 months. 

The specialness and uniqueness of Fab may be very clear to people living in the US who have read plenty of coverage of us across all magazines and newspapers - however, Fab is still a relatively new phenomenon for many people in Europe, who just had their first encounter with our brand.

For those people I try to explain what makes this company so special and authentic. The 3 reasons given here are in no way the complete list of what makes Fab unique but the ones I personally feel are important to our company DNA.

1.) Fab is about speed: It's been an incredible growth story so far. Hence no wonder that people call the fastest growing e-commerce startup in the world (see Forbes here). Over 1m members signed up with Fab in the first 5 months - a very impressive signal for the virality and the specialness of our product. Just as a comparison: Facebook had to wait 10 month for this milestone, Groupon 1 whole year and twitter even 2. And as Design is truly global, the growth in the European markets has been even quicker with 1m users across the continent in less than 4 months.

2.) Ambition and the vision of building a global design brand drives every single decision made at Fab. This is also the reason why Fab decided very early on to expand internationally, by acquiring us (Casacanda) or also Llustre in the UK ( As of now we are making people smile in 20 countries which is very impressive for a company that was just founded some 12 months ago. Remember: Companies like amazon waited for 4 years until starting to expand internationally. 

3.) Fab is all about building a global brand, Fab is all about everyday design. This is very rare for numbers-driven internet startups but building a compelling brand is the right thing to do. Building a brand like ours takes time & energy but in the long-run it pays off because it makes your suppliers & designers respect you the way you respect them, it makes your customers trust you and it makes your employees proud of the company they helped creating.



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