Roman Kirsch

Founder & CEO of Lesara

Why Entrepreneurs Day in Tegernsee is a conference worth going to

Usually i am not a big fan of conferences – they take away time from productive things like building your business and getting things done.

Hence I was pleasantly surprised by the Entrepreneurs Days that Cornelius Boensch has been organizing over the past couple of years and that have evolved to the must-go-to place for entrepreneurs from all kinds of industries.


I really enjoyed the days due to non-obvious reasons:

  1. The people who go to conferences are usually lame – they come to sell you something o rare the kind of eager networkers that collect business cards. Quite the opposite at Tegernsee. Almost everyone I met has been exceptionally interesting.  And what made people interesting was not their successes but especially the willigness to talk about mistakes and failures, which is rare in those settings.
  2. The topics have been broad and surprising. Self- and employee coaching, keeping your inner balance, renewable energy projects in the Philippines, media invests in Colombia and sport athletes gone business men like Oliver Kahn do actually entertain just as much as the Oktoberfest atmosphere in the evening.
  3. Last but not least the location at Tegernsee is the perfect spot to switch off and completely focus on the people. Every one enjoys himself in the here and now.

So big congrats to the Mountain Team for making this happen and thanks for inviting me on the panel to talk about international roll-outs and how to scale companies in a short time span.


Looking forward to attending the conference for many years to come!

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