Roman Kirsch

Founder & CEO of Lesara

Selected impressions of - Launch

February has been an intense month for everyone involved in Casacanda & Fab. 

Seeing our members, revenues and number of employees grow so quickly has been fascinating; but also involved hard work in order to keep the user experience and customer service we are promising. 

Calculate in the difficulties of discussing and actually starting the partnership with and you will surely appreciate what every single team member in the organization achieved: Our way of appreciating this was to schedule a huge night out, to celebrate

1. The success and achievements of Casacanda in less than 6 months: >250.000 members and weekly growth rates of >30%

2. The relaunch as and partnership with the fastest growing ecommerce company in the world.

Sending out the invitations the night before, we were more than impressed by the turnout of slightly more than 500 people.


Great night, great spirit, and most importantly, great smiles - you're designed to.


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A new Blog in the making

Half a year ago I founded Casacanda together with Christian Tiessen and Sascha Weiler and since then we are on the hunt for individual design for everyone. Sascha was responsible for the IT- and customer relation process, Christian searched whole Europe to find stylish design products that make the people smile and meanwhile I lead the operational, marketing, strategic & financial side business. Half a year we put heart and soul in our project and now I think it’s time to share some overall and personal learnings. This is what this blog is all about, so if you are interested in successful internet business, you shouldn’t miss a single post.

In short time, Casacanda made it to one of the fastest growing Internet Companies in Europe of all time. Today we already have more than 250.000 Members, recently doubling the amount on a monthly basis, and more than 50 staff members in Germany and Europe. Remember: we started 6 months ago. You might ask how we create this little wonder. The answer leads me to the first and perhaps important learning I want to share:

It seems so simple, but if you want to build a successful company, there is no way around a couple (5!) of simple rules. 

1. Get the right team. A-people attract other A-people. So never forget that principle, even when it's tempting or you need to hire a lot quickly. No compromises, never.

2. Do something you enjoy. Working can be a pain, especially 16 hours in a row. For years. So rather do something what you don't consider as work but as fun. 

3. Have a mission. No business/KPI/powerpoint bullet goals. Something that is rather empowering and has an impact on people. For example we focus 100% on design & anything that distracts us from becoming the best company in the world for design we should not waste time for.

4. Be fair, honest & transparent. Only the right attitude will guarantee success in the long run.

5. Just do it! Execute. That especially involves mistakes. Make them, risk something and you will accomplish.


Posted by Billy Ryle on March 6, 2012

I have been examinating out some of your posts and i can state pretty good stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your site.

Posted by Kelly Jenness on March 5, 2012

Great website! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am taking your feeds also

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